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Learning to Fall

posted Tuesday, May 29, 2018

by: in Parenting

It may be comfortable in the middle, but I have repeatedly learned that “life” is at the edge. It’s quite pleasant to coast, but at some point the middle is just not going to get you where you want to go, and it can start to run the gambit of very limiting to downright shitty. […]

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Book Review: “Forward” by Lisa Maas

posted Tuesday, April 17, 2018

by: in Parenting

No two losses are ever the same, just as no two experiences of loss are either. Even so, similar is close enough. As a single mom coming off two weeks of pneumonia for The Ginger Gent (my seven-year-old son) and I, we were behind the eight ball of life and that was before batshit crazy […]

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