Have you ever had a craving for a soda, but didn’t want to leave the house to go buy one? Well now you don’t have to!

Consumers are now able to make Pepsi products from the comfort of their homes, and Canada is the first market in North America to enjoy this convenience, just in time for the busy holiday and entertaining season ahead.

If you already have a Sodastream at home, this is a no brainer, and if you don’t have this awesome sparkling water maker, then this is just another reason to pick one up.  PepsiCo flavour syrups are available in five of the classic PepsiCo flavours – Pepsi™, Diet Pepsi™, Pepsi™ Zero Sugar, 7Up™, and 7Up™ Zero.

Heads up. Although this works as a quick and convenient fizz fix, one must remember that Pepsi products are professionally made and have been around for years, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your first couple of mixes don’t taste exactly like the original. Just try again, and soon you’ll have it perfected to your liking, and might never have to buy the original again. Not only saving you time and money, but also helping to save the planet by not purchasing products in plastic packaging!

The new PepsiCo flavours add a personalized flavour twist to your hydration goals, and don’t forget to grab some Bubly flavours as well. For more information on Sodastream products, check out our previous review here.

The PepsiCo for SodaStream flavours are available at a variety of retail outlets across Canada, and at SodaStream.ca.

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