Welcome back to… Back In The Closet! This is my second post after my initial introduction in September.

Do you ever feel like you are living life as an undercover, yet-to-be-discovered celebrity? Same! Those of us in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community are all icons. We have this aura, complete with an extra sparkle that makes us magnetic to others. For many, we’ve had to claim our identity, perhaps even defend it. How powerful is that? 

In this issue of Back In The Closet, we’re prepping for our celebrity moment. Here are tips to make everyday your runway day — to feel the million dollar star that you already are.

1. Reds:

Speaking of red carpets… Red is here in a big way — Fall 2023 said muted colours… OUT. Red, IN. Red can be a unique one to wear but nothing shouts confidence more than a red outfit. With holiday season around the corner, don’t be afraid to outshine the rest — here are a few red pieces that you can have your moment in:

2. The right fit > trends 

To be most confident, sometimes going with your “safe” option or the right fit is more beneficial than chasing trends. There is nothing more iconic than celebrating your body type and dressing for it. I spent some time in Italy this month and I came back with a renewed sense of fashion. Here in North America, we’re always chasing a new trend. For example, right now super wide legged pants are in. Now… you wouldn’t catch an Italian wearing anything that ill-fitting! 

At times it can be best to ditch the trends and know what flatters your body shape the most. With my frame, super wide pants drown me out, so I stick to a straight-cut pant to boost my confidence in my look.

3. Have an all-black pair of shades 

There is nothing more stealthy than a black on black outfit to run errands in — what completes the look is a pair of black sunglasses for your, “hiding from the paparazzi” moment as you walk into Loblaws. 

Here’s a few options..

For the everyday budget, Quay

If you want to be under the radar but still turn heads, Fendi.

4. Ditch the need to hide

Celebrities have a certain way of carrying themselves — the gateway to their stardom that is important for icons like us to pay attention to. It’s not to say it doesn’t come with constant upleveling and work. As a person preparing for their inevitable celebrity status… I knew I had to take myself seriously! I went on to do my own transformational work to ensure my inner authenticity matched my exterior image. 

Perhaps the most iconic thing you can do is allow yourself the opportunity to be seen. Apply for a new job, start sharing information about your business more on social media, or get back into the dating scene. Doing things that “feel cringy” get us closer to our goals, 

Doing the inner work allows you to use fashion as your communicator and to elevate that inner icon.

So this Fall and as we head into the holiday season, don’t be afraid to stand out, treat every day like you have the paparazzi and tons of fans waiting on you. It’s a simple mindset shift that will have you glowing even more, inside and out.

Stay stylish,

Anthony Tomizza
Iconic Visibility Activator

About the Author

Anthony Tomizza elevates creatives to own their inner icon by stepping into their most authentic expression through de-conditioning identity to unveil their true style. He provides not just a Queer Eye Tan-inspired makeover of your closet and fashion but also the 1:1 Karamo-style coaching. Together, allowing creative expression to flow for icons to gain visibility by elevating their image. anthonytomizza.com