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Author: Jeff Harrison

Autumn – A Time for Reflection

posted Tuesday, October 7, 2014

by: in Ponderings

Fall used to make me feel melancholy because it was the end of summer and meant that cold, dark, snowy winter was just around the corner. Working on the autumn issue of PinkPlayMags over the last six years has revitalized the season for me. Now I find it more of a time of deep reflection, […]

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Dog Days of Summer

posted Saturday, August 9, 2014

by: in Community, Ponderings

They are upon us, the Dog Days of Summer–you can feel it in the air. That lazy time of year where everything slows down, the heat leaving you barely enough energy to lounge on your porch or balcony and sip a cool beverage, preferably one with mint. Originally coined by the Romans, according to Wikipedia, […]

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Last Dance, Last Chance for Love

posted Saturday, July 5, 2014

by: in Ponderings

The last dance has been danced. The last glitter has been tossed and the last remnants of our Gay Christmas has been swept up. WorldPride is officially over. What a party it was! We had LGBTQ+ activists, parade participants and partiers from every corner of the world. It was a literary, artistic, cultural, entertainment and human […]

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posted Tuesday, June 17, 2014

by: in Ponderings

  Did you know that Pride is considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins? According to some religious texts it is the deadliest of sins. It is represented by the peacock, an animal considered by most to be vain. I find this most intriguing. Those of us who have looked long and hard into the […]

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