19 Crimes adds a new face to its lineup of jail-bird characters: the iconic Martha Stewart. An American businesswoman known for her entrepreneurial genius, ever-evolving lifestyle, and her short stint behind bars, and not the type you order wine from. Martha adds another bullet to her already outstandingly long resume: winemaker. 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard launched in the United States early 2022 and it’s now made its way north across the border to Canada.

19 Crimes tells the true story of heroes who overcome adversity. (Martha, check) This spirit lives on today through innovators (Martha, check), a self-made icon who turned her passion into a thriving business empire that has made her a household name around the world. Martha’s new wine is 19 Crimes’ first California Chardonnay. She worked side-by-side with 19 Crimes to create a wine that breaks preconceived notions of California Chardonnay – approachable and simultaneously as bold as her personality.

Taste Test – smooth on the palette, lingering hints of butter caramel, with citrus, oak. Chill and drink on its on, or pair with a lobster roll or other seafood delights. Martha, you’ve earned your get out of jail free card with this one!


Martha’s Chard is available for a SRP of $19.95 in the following Canadian markets:

  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick:
  • Ontario: LCBO
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland and PEI: July 2022
  • Manitoba: August 2022

Martha’s Chard joins two previous California launches from 19 Crimes partner Snoop Dogg, 19 Crimes Cali Red and Rosé, in addition to a portfolio of Australian wines including the signature Red Blend that started it all.

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